JUNE 14, 2020
Here is a picture for the Class News Letter. Only a little late but early
for the next one. Hope everyone is well.
Greetings everyone. This is Lee Russell Boswell here. Well this is how it went; We moved
up to the northwest in 1968, first to Washington for about 10 years and now Oregon.
All doing fine. Life is filled with children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, church
and friends. Plus Taft is still full of my family so I get down there now and then. Plan to
go again in October if everything is back to normal-I hope, I hope, I hope!!!
Pat Kennedy
Phoenix, Arizona
Lee Russell Boswell
Keizer, Oregon
GENE SHUGART IS 84 YEARS TODAY - JUNE 13th 2020.   He is in the
HEIGHT ST Home Facility in Bakersfield waiting for hip replacement
surgery that has taken 2nd  place to the Covid 19-Pandemic  Hopefully the
surgery can be done in the next 30 days.  He would love to hear from his
Hi-School friends......his number is 702-278-0998.
Emma   (Stover)   Gilbreath
Gene Shugart
Taft, California
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