Bob Kessler
Arroyo Grande, CA

Hi to all you classmates out there & may God bless you richly! Stay well.
This virus will be soon over! Love, Bob❤
Bob and Anthony Miller, 1997
Dallas Cowboy who played with
Aikman, Deon Sanders & M.
Troy Stinson
Elkins, Arkansas
Don Russell
Scottsdale, Arizona

I'm doing fine, living in Scottsdale AZ, sitting on my patio in nice
weather and trying to stay out of trouble. I hope you guys are
staying out of trouble. Will be glad when this virus is over and we
can all get back to normal lives. Stay safe!
Hi classmates! We are still here in
Monrovia, Ca. Enjoying retirement and
our family. We have 7 children , 2
deceased. 17 grandchildren , 19 great
grandchildren. We enjoyed great travels
in our 70s & early 80s. Many blessings
from our Lord. My husband developed
Parkinson’s about 5 years ago and we are
dealing with PD every day. We are
pretty well home bound at this time.
Just resting in the Lord. All things are in
His control. Greetings to all.
Socks, my little

May 19, 2020
Hi everyone, Edith and I moved to Idaho in 2015 to escape the CA rat race
and all that goes with it and also to be near our daughter and son-in-law.
We love Idaho and it is a really good place to base from. I lost my dear
Edith in 2018 and after rattling around our big home for a year or so
decided to sell and now I live with my daughter, and we all love it.

I have an apartment in AZ for the winters and I also love traveling to visit
family in CA, IA, WI, NC, and TX. I also love to spend time with family at
Incline Village and enjoy Lake Tahoe a lot in the summer season.

One of my favorite pastimes is driving and I am still active in doing
commercial property and collateral inspections for a few banks and insurance
clients. It gets me out of the house and driving around southern Idaho and
Northern Nevada.  

Yes, time is flying by and I’ve been enjoying each phase of life as it happens.
This is Hilda telling the story with Troy’s help.  Troy spent his working years (37) at
the city of Riverside, Ca. Public Utilities.  He started at dirt bottom at 18
and worked his way up to sky high. He went to city college to learn
everything he could about his career and it paid off.

We started looking half heartedly for property to buy for when we
eventually retired.  We looked in AZ, Utah, Oregon and Nevada. Well, my
sister in AR took us seriously about looking for a place to retire, and told
her daughters to find a place for us. She said if we could look in all those
other states we could just as well look in AR. You know what aunt Hilda
wants, an older home, brick, and front porch with a swing.  So my niece was
bringing her son up to U of A and passed this house and stopped to look.
She told her son, wouldn’t aunt Hilda love that house? They sat and admired
it for a few minutes, then went on into Fayetteville and spent the night. The
next day as they were passing the house they noticed a for sale sign. They
stopped and wrote all the info down and when they got home my niece called
me and described the house and gave me the info.  It sounded really
interesting so I called the realtor, described the house and said it was on
the Pig Trail. (Pig Trail’s a short cut to get here, named for the U of A  
razor backs (HOGS.) She thought and thought and than said oh, you mean
the house in Elkins.  Then she said, where did you say you are calling from?
I said Riverside CA. and she said how in the world did you find out about this
house? I just put it on the market today! So she sent us info on the house
and the 10 acres for sale. In the mean time my sister went by the house on
her next trip up to the Ozarks and called and said, we could not turn this
down until we have seen it. We bought tickets and flew out to a tiny
airport. Our nephew met us as he was now in college here and brought us out
to see the house but it was at night, so we couldn’t see much.

The next day we met with the Realtor and went out to look around.  Oh my,
we fell in love with the house. We noticed the adjoining acreage was also for
sale, so the Realtor took us all over the hundred acres. After almost the
whole day of looking, Troy said, lets go off by ourselves and talk about
this.  So we walked out back, talked and decided we loved the house and
beautiful area so we decided we would buy it. Then Troy said, what about
the other 90 acres?  So we came to the conclusion we should buy it all, and
when we get old we can sell the acres and divide with our sons while we are
alive. So we put in our bid. We got on the airplane and started home, and
we looked out the window at all the green and decided it was as pretty as
Hawaii, and the air was SO clean. Then it hit, oh my goodness what have we
done? I wasn’t even planning to retire for another 4 years. A 100 acre
cattle ranch?  We don’t even know how to take care of a cow much less,
cows.  Then it really hit...$1800 a month payments when we were used to
$417. Then  as we got close to Ontario airport the smog became thicker
and thicker and we looked at each other and said, we did the right thing!
We never looked back with regret and have not been to Hawaii since.
Troy & Hilda
62nd Anniversary
Troy had a huge retirement party on Friday night, the 20th of Nov, and we
drove on Saturday and Sunday and took possession of our farm on Monday
the 23rd. We knew our furniture would not arrive until Wednesday so we
brought bedding to sleep on floor until Beacon's arrival.  It was snowing while
they unloaded, which took almost all day.  The cows were hanging over the
fence watching what was going on. The next day we ate our first
Thanksgiving dinner at a local restaurant.  We were so welcomed into town,
it was amazing. We live one block from school but the kids still rode the bus,
and kids had heard we had children so they were lined up waiting to welcome
our kids. We brought Troy’s horse with us and soon bought horses for me
and the kids. I was a spring chicken at 53 and Troy 56, and we thoroughly
enjoyed our farm, our horses, our town and the good Lord.

Well the 27 years passed in a hurry but we enjoyed every minute, and the
time came to sell 92 acres. So we were able to divide it with our sons. We
kept our beloved home and 8 acres with barns and silo. Now we are active in
our church, Troy is a semi active Gideon.  We take drives in our car over the
beautiful country side rather then ride horses. My sister lives 200 miles
east and south of us so we often meet halfway at a wonderful Chinese
restaurant, eat and sit and visit.  Then we go across the street to Goodwill
to look for bargains.  We still love a good find.  Our house is full of antiques.
Five Generations
Troy and
Great Great Grandson
Joe Pecora
San Francisco, California
Charles & Patsy
Turn on
Your Volume
The attached is probably not what you had in mind, but thought you and
Dick would enjoy anyway. Some inaccuracies but not glaring. Bonnie
interviews residents in the neighborhood to promote her business.  
Thank you again for bringing classmates together over the years. The
past comes roaring back in memory with all your posts.
Ken Sorenson
Bakersfield, California
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Patricia McLeod Robin
Pacific Palisades, California
Hi all. It’s Tricia McLeod Robin. Happy Reunion (sort of)!
I continue to live in Pacific Palisades,CA and love it here.
My sisters Liz and Marilyn and I stay in touch by email and phone calls.
Obviously I’m not doing much these days, but do enjoy walking, listening to
music, reading, watching television and over-eating.
I have two sons and two wonderful daughters-in-law.  Both of my sons
produce and direct prime time TV dramas and have for years.  
Each son has identical twin daughters; so I am blessed with four lovely
granddaughters, ages 14 and 12 whom I adore.
Stay well everyone. I’m so sorry we can’t be together in Taft.  And I’m so
grateful Mr Newlee isn’t reading this!
Murray Johnson
Morro Bay, California
God!  Are we in our 80’s already?  Since last reunion of class of “55, I’ve
found myself aging more rapidly.  However, I have still been able to do some
more international traveling: Ireland, Greece, Croatia, Canada, as well as
domestic visitations (Minnesota, Colorado etc). Living in Morro Bay, Ca. is
pleasant, especially as we spend the coastal fog time at our home in Idaho,
where we have had a place for 15 years. Also have been keeping in touch with
some of our classmates and their spouses: Dick Snyder, Lee Smith, Terry
Burke, Pete Magee, Kent Estabrook, Tommy Lutton, Tricia McLeod, Maureen
Peterson Susan Pearson and Sharon Hanst, to mention a few. Sorry no reunion
this year, but perhaps this is the modern way (less driving involved, too).  My  
best to all our classmates and God bless those who have passed.
Patsy Wooliever Puente
Monrovia, California
Editor's Note
The video is a brief recollection of Joe's
successful efforts to work with residents of
the Fillmore District in San Francisco to save
the area from re-development. It features a
good look at Joe's home and you get to see
our classmate, relaxed and up close.
When finished watching the
video, you will have to hit the
upper left arrow to return to
this page.
Please Note
TUHS Alumni Weekend in Idaho - 2018
Lee Elton Smith, Susan Pearson, Kent Estabrook, Pete Magee, Tom Lutton,
Dorothy Lutton, Murray Johnson, Terry Burke, Sharon Hanst
2014 Minnesota
Lutton, Estabrook, Burke, Smith, Johnson, Snyder, Magee
Andy Huckins
Taft, California
Patty Livingston Bell
Valley, Washington
From Jennifer Bell-Towne:

“Greetings class of 1955, this is Jennifer writing on behalf of my mom,
Patty Bell.  My parents really enjoyed the reunions and mom would be
sad to miss one!  Not long after the 60th reunion my father, George,
passed away unexpectedly in an airplane crash.  Mom had been living
with Parkinson’s disease for many years.  The stress of my father’s
unexpected death caused her Parkinson’s to progress rapidly.  Mom is in
the late stages of her Parkinson’s which is no fun at all! She still loves
to get mail, so I imagine she’d love to hear from each of you.  Her
address is: 3314 South Waitts Lake Rd. Valley, WA. 99181.  She
enjoys living by the lake with her two dogs.  She has a beautiful view
of the lake from her main living area.“
Linda Hannon Reed Snyder
Bakersfield, California
I lived in Taft 36 years while my husband, Bob, taught at Maricopa & Taft High
Schools. During that time we raised three children who all graduated from
TUHS. Each of them had Bob as their Drivers' Ed teacher, and two were on
basketball teams that he coached. When I started working at the Bank of
America it was in their old building on Center Street, and I was with it when it
moved to the new building next door.  I also worked at the West Side Hospital
for two years; then spent 20 years as an Executive Secretary for the General
Managers of Williams Brothers Engineering and Bechtel Petroleum at the Naval
Petroleum Reserve. I have seven grandchildren, and my seventh great grandchild
is due in June. Bob & I had been married for 45 years when he died in 2000.

I have been living in Bakersfield for 22 years - back where I was born. Dick
and I have been married for 17 years with many wonderful trips crossed off our
bucket lists.  Cruises are our favorite, but now that we are "elderly", we are
concerned about ending up in a foreign country with medical problems. Actually
that can happen at any age.  On our Baltic cruise 15 years ago, Dick got sick
our second day out and ended up having an appendectomy in Helsinki, Finland! I
was "on my own" while Dick was in the hospital for five days. After he was
released we had to spend another five days in Helsinki until he was strong
enough to fly home.
Still young at heart!
Norma Long Bonner
Taft, California
Norma & Ted
I am doing great, and spending most of my time working on
Genealogy.  Have had cataract surgery on both eyes, and a
membrane peel on my left eye.  Everything looks great. Hoping
that there are no class members infected with the virus and all
are doing great.
Hello class of 55, Ted and I have been married for 65 years, we have 3
children, 15 grands, and greats, let's see, 14 or so and more on the way.
We have been staying inside pretty much for the last 2 months. Not fun
as most know. We love to go RVing, we have a membership in Pismo Beach,
which we enjoy tremendously. We are usually camp host there a couple of
times a year. We also enjoy our church, when things are normal, missing
everyone there a lot. Would have loved to get together with everyone, one
more time. Oh, by the way we still live in Taft.
Here I sit comfortably living with my daughter's family in beautiful
Hollister, Ca. I retired after spending 33 years on Morgan Hill Police Dept.
My wife, Arleen passed 8 years ago, and I have survived a collapsed disc in
my neck, both hips replaced, a cancerous growth in my illium, and   
chemotherapy. So I'm sitting COVID out here at home.
If you come up to Central Calif, stop by and take a break sitting in the
shade in our front yard or do like Esther has done. Join me for a meal at
Casa de Fruta on Pacheco Pass, Highway 152.
Jim Freeze
Hollister, CA
Bill Moore
Lincoln, California
I feel very fortunate to have lived a very full and enjoyable life. Nancy
(Carlson) and I have two wonderful sons and over 60 years of great
memories together.

We both had over 30 year careers in education living in Silicon Valley from
its inception. My career as an economics teacher enabled us to travel
extensively and retire in our fifties. We have ridden elephants and water
buffalo in Southeast Asia, traveled over 7000 miles in China, as well as
taken several trips to Europe, and many cruises all over the world.

As we have gotten older and wanted to simplify our lives we have sold our
beach house in Arroyo Grande and our mountain cabin in the Sierras and
now live on a golf course in a Del Webb community in Lincoln just above

Life has been good!!
Mel Denio
Twin Falls, Idaho
Terry Burke
McLean, Virginia
A year ago, life was good for us.  We had been thinking since Terry
retired in 2013 that we should plan for the next chapter in our lives.  
The house and yard were too much to maintain, and we were both
experiencing some health problems.  Then one day we received a call
from Vinson Hall Retirement Community in McLean, VA that a 2br, 2ba
& den apartment with a balcony and screened-in porch overlooking a
250 year old willow oak tree was becoming available.  We had to rush
to do updates to our house before we could make the move.  We made
them, consulted a realtor, and our house sold before it went on the
market.  We made the move last June and all was well until
COVID-19 hit.  Life was drastically changed (as it has for everyone),
but there are a few bright spots.  Management here takes good care
of us via in-house television.  They provide exercise videos, lectures
(ex:James Woolsey, former head of the CIA, talked about his
experience with Russia), musicals, and art history just to name a few.  
These help the day go by.  Doyce reads book after book.  Terry does
puzzles, Sudoko and enjoys his daily walks.  To fill in some extra time
we have been zooming with friends and family.  As our day ends, we
sit in the screened porch with drink of choice and look out at the tree
and beautiful sunsets and appreciate what we have. -Terry & Doyce
Doyce & Terry
250 Year Old
Willow Oak
Edith Moor Webb
Hanford, California
Well, here we sit in our homes waiting for the big OK so we can resume
our lives.  I think I have cleaned every drawer, closet and hidden hole in
this house.

I guess the one event that has had made a change in my life, since our
last get together, was the devastating Paradise fire.  I lived in the town
that burned in November 2018.  Because of it, many of my priorities have

Suzie Ziel and I lived about four blocks from each other, and it took us
both over seven hours to evacuate. On any other day, it would have taken
us less than 20 minutes to get out and down the hill to Chico.  We were
trapped in a tunnel of fire, black, black space, and panic that entire
time.  We were not together and didn't know we were both there at the
same time.  I knew I was not going to make it out and called and talked
to my children on the cell phone until the towers went down and cut us off
from all outside contact.

I had lost my husband a week previously, so I am in a car with two dogs,
husband's ashes and half dressed, (I only had seven minutes notice to
evacuate), a tank of gas and $100 in my wallet.  

I am still diagnosed with PTSD, as most evacuees are.  Lots of changes.
Now I live with a new and wonderful husband in Hanford, CA along with
four dogs and one cat.  Still recovering slowly.  Have lost, and continue to
lose weight, and sleep little.  Priorities change, but hopefully I am coming
to the end of the nightmare soon.

My new husband, Gene, was diagnosed with some health problems that
were substantial, but we are facing them and are determined to play and
live our life style as long as possible.  We plan on traveling in our new
motor home as long as we can.  Can't believe I'm still living the life that
I am at my age, but will not give up until forced to.  I have scars that
show and some that don't, but I am happy, secure and feel safe where I
am in my life now.  I believe that there is a lot to be thankful for.  Hope
you are all doing as well.  Can't believe how old my children are!!

Sending best wishes to you all.  Wish we could visit more often.
He really doesn’t plan on
using that knife on me.  This
is my new husband, Gene, at
our wedding.
Edith & Gene
Ann Bonfoey Brown
Decatur, Georgia
What a great idea. Bob and I are doing well thru this ordeal. My
family keeps growing as the grandchildren are getting older and now
having their own kids. I’m attaching a picture of a family reunion this
past summer in Florida. The entire family was able to make it. They
were from Georgia, Colorado, & Wyoming So we’re spread out; our 3
children and spouses, 6 grandchildren and 2 spouses,1 to be a member,
4 great grandchildren,2 friends.
For many years Susie's home was in Paradise, CA. A fire in November,
2018 not only destroyed the town, but also burned her home and
belongings, and the homes of several of her family members.  She drove
behind her son in panic trying to escape the fire. Seven & a half hours
later they arrived in Chico, CA where she and family members stayed
three nights at the fairgrounds.  Housing was then provided in Reno at
the Peppermill Resort and Marriot Hotel.  Now she is renting in a
beautiful area in the hills above Oroville.  
One of many unfortunate things she mentioned was that for years she
had been handwriting a book (she has never used a computer) about the
interesting life she has lived.  She was ready to have it published, but
it burned up in the fire.  So she plans to begin again by dictating into a
recorder given to her by her family.  Now she can add another
interesting and eventful chapter of h
er life!
Jeanette (Susie) Tanner Ziel
Oroville, California
Via phone call on May 13th
Frances Lowe Young
Sacramento, California
Hello, Linda.  Greetings and well wishes to you and fellow classmates
from Sacramento.

Like most everyone else, Jim and I are trying to stay in place and be
safe from Covid-19.  These are difficult times for so many, so we try
not to complain about our minor inconveniences.   

Yes, time has passed  quickly.  After a career in State government, I
retired 20 years ago.  I’ve enjoyed adult classes, traveling, and
spending time with our grandchildren and other family.  Cruising has
been a favorite, and we were scheduled for a cruise in April, but,
unfortunately, the corona virus put a stop to that plan.  Health
problems come with the senior years, but, overall, we have been
blessed with good lives.

To all, be safe and be well.