Dick graduated from Marquette
Dental School in 1962 and was
awarded the coveted "Gold Foil"
Award for his superior clinical
abilities. He moved his family to
Rialto, CA where he practiced
dentistry until 1985.  His career in
dentistry included teaching at the
University of Southern California
Dental School, serving as a member
of the Aesthetic Dentistry
Association, beginning a dental
laboratory that today is one of the
largest labs in the world, and
training dentists worldwide.  He
conducted over 600 training seminars
for the FDI International Dental
Federation in Singapore, the
American Dental Association ( and
dental associations in most states in
the U.S., Canada, Denmark,
Norway, and Belgium), as well as
clinical lectures given throughout the
USA, Canada, Denmark, Norway,
Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK,
Israel, Australia, Germany, and
After graduation from Taft High, Michael
attended and graduated from Taft college
and went on to graduate from Fresno
State, but it was his experiences in music
under the tutelage of Marsee and his
contact with coaches at Taft High that
directed his decision to major in music and
minor in physical education. Following
college Michael joined the Naval Reserves
and went to Recruit Training Command,
Great Lakes, (among other locations),
eventually attaining an intelligence
specialist rating now known as Specialty,
NOS B600. After a teaching stint in
Arvin, Michael returned to Taft to teach
at Lincoln Junior High, from there to Taft
Union High School where he spent the next
thirty years of his career.  He taught
music, geography, driver education, and
driver training.  In 1990 he became a
counselor and remained in that capacity for
ten years.  He was one of the very
successful swim coaches of the Taft High
swimming program, whose swimmers won
several SSL League and CIF Division II
championships.  While at Taft High,
Michael also was an adjunct instructor at
Taft College.  Since retirement he has
been a volunteer brass instructor for the
Taft High and Lincoln Junior High School
band programs, and he currently heads the
Board for the West Kern Oil Museum.
Dr. Gordon received her BA and MA degrees
from UC Berkeley and her PhD in Public
Administration at the Graduate School of
Education at UC Berkeley. She has served in
a variety of roles in the Federal Government
and in the private sector.  Her work has led
her to coordination of intergovernmental
agencies in a wide range of issues including
drug abuse (National Institute of Mental
Health), energy (the US Federal Energy
Office and Federal Energy Administration),
research utilization (the research applied to
the National Needs Program of the National
Science Foundation), and education (on behalf
of the US Advisory Commission in
Intergrovernmental Relations for the
Department of Education).  Dr. Gordon is a
leader in the field of drug abuse prevention,
having authored a
Guide to Drug Abuse
Programs and Policies
which was distributed
by the US Office of Education.  From the
mid-nineties to 2000, she played a role in
influencing the scope and direction of national
and global Y2K efforts. After September
11, 2001, her focus turned to national
security issues.
Dr. Trop received his BS in Chemistry
at UC Berkeley where he was a State
Scholar.  He graduated with a PhD in
Inorganic Chemistry from MIT in
1979. His work was involved with
coordination chemistry of two
transitional metals, rhenium and
technetium, the isotopes of which are
currently used in nuclear medicine.  
During his research, he coauthored
over a dozen research papers.  While
at MIT he has the distinction of being
the first graduate student ever
appointed to MIT's Radiation
Protection Committee, the group whose
job it was to oversee all programs at
MIT that dealt with radioactive
materials and which was responsible to
draft rules and regulations for the
safe use of those materials.
In 1979 he worked for AT&T Bell
Labs and, along with another member
of the technical staff, developed a
commercially-viable palladium plating
process which use saved AT&T over
$10 million in the first five years of
use. He was part of the team who
developed the first undersea qualified
solid-state laser that was used in the
first all-optical trans-Atlantic
communications cable TAT-8. Currently
his work is in the areas of optical and
telecommunications systems.
Dr.Dick Barnes, DDS
Class of 1954
Michael McCormick
Class of 1965
Paula Rivers Gordon, PhD
Class of 1957
Harvey Trop, PhD
Class of 1971

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