Mary Emfinger is a small town girl, but has a habit of conquering big cities. Her first conquest
was Los Angeles, where she studied History and Theater at the University of California, Los
Angeles. There, her passion for music and acting were enhanced through her participation in the
UCLA Marching Band and the UCLA Theater Department. Before graduating, she interned with
the ARK Theater Company and eventually moved on to her next metropolis: New York City,
where she would attend the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. She honed her craft as
an actress and singer while adding a new passion: dance. The summer after graduation, she
dominated New York plays, musicals, film, and experimental theatre all over the city, in venues
ranging from off-Broadway to Washington Square Park.

When she finally had her fill of New York, she returned to make a career in Los Angeles.
There, she began focusing on gaining camera experience and has added modeling to her resume.

While Mary’s passion will always be theater, she holds special places in her heart for classic
literature, cooking and traveling. She has also been involved in social issues such as gender
equality, environmental awareness and helping the homeless. She has also begun studying the
martial arts of Kung Fu San Soo and Kadochnikov.

She plans to apply for Master of Fine Arts (MFA) programs and will either be studying in the
UK or staying in Los Angeles this coming year.
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Short Stories in a Fictional Life
written by classmate
Another classmate to be inducted into the
Taft High Hall of Fame

Joseph Pecora

Joe graduated from UCLA where he majored in International Relations. He joined the Air Force and after four
years of service, he applied to the State Department for the position of Diplomatic Courier which enabled him
to travel widely in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Wishing for more stability he returned to San
Francisco was a social worker for the next twenty years. He retired to work full time on his passion to restore
Alamo Square, a collection of Queen Ann, Victorian, and Edwardian houses. The culmination of this is the book
"The Storied Houses of Alamo Square."